Top 5 Rust Libraries for Working with Logging

Are you tired of manually logging every event in your Rust application? Do you want to streamline your logging process and make it easier to debug issues? Look no further than these top 5 Rust libraries for working with logging!

1. log

First up on our list is the log crate, which provides a lightweight logging facade for Rust applications. This crate allows you to write log messages at different levels of severity, such as debug, info, warn, and error. You can then configure the logging output to be sent to a file, the console, or a custom destination.

One of the great things about log is that it is compatible with many other logging libraries in the Rust ecosystem. This means that you can use log as a common interface for logging in your application, and then choose the backend that best suits your needs.

2. env_logger

Next on our list is the env_logger crate, which provides a simple logger that can be configured through environment variables. This makes it easy to enable or disable logging output based on the environment your application is running in.

env_logger also supports filtering log messages based on their severity level, which can be useful for reducing noise in your logs. For example, you might only want to see error messages in production, but debug messages during development.

3. slog

If you're looking for a more powerful logging library, check out slog. This crate provides a structured logging system that allows you to attach key-value pairs to your log messages. This can make it easier to search and filter your logs, as well as provide additional context for debugging.

slog also supports asynchronous logging, which can improve performance in high-throughput applications. And like log, it is compatible with many other logging backends in the Rust ecosystem.

4. fern

For a more customizable logging experience, consider using fern. This crate allows you to configure your logging output using a builder pattern, which can be more flexible than the configuration options provided by other logging libraries.

fern also supports logging to multiple destinations, such as a file and the console, and allows you to customize the format of your log messages. And like the other libraries on this list, it is compatible with the log facade.

5. pretty_env_logger

Last but not least, we have pretty_env_logger. This crate provides a colorful and easy-to-read logging output that can be configured through environment variables. It also supports filtering log messages based on their severity level, and is compatible with the log facade.

pretty_env_logger is a great choice if you want to make your logs more visually appealing and easier to read. And because it is built on top of env_logger, it inherits all of its configuration options.


Logging is an essential part of any Rust application, and these top 5 Rust libraries make it easier than ever to log events and debug issues. Whether you need a lightweight logging facade or a more powerful structured logging system, there is a library on this list that will meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Start logging with Rust today!

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Written by AI researcher, Haskell Ruska, PhD ( Scientific Journal of AI 2023, Peer Reviewed